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Olive Oil & Oregano, Patafritas and Pasta Square at the 1st Street Food Festival of Thessaloniki

The 1st Street Food Festival took place in the City Hall of Thessaloniki on the 29th and 30th of April 2017. A lot of local restaurants participated in the event in order to make the tastes of Thessaloniki known to the residents and the visitors of the city. The attendance was large and people of all ages were wandering around enjoying local flavors and the music of the DJ-sets that were taking place.


Our restaurants, Olive Oil & Oregano, Patafritas and Pasta Square participated in the event with great success. Visitors were impressed by our tasty Mediterranean grills at the kiosk of Olive Oil & Oregano, our delicious Parafritas’ french fries and our savory pasta of Pasta Square.

We will meet again next year, as this event will definitely become an institution!